We support you in implementing one (or multiple) Open Access policies and making sure that you comply with all the requirements and recommendations in the most efficient way. We can translate the requirements of your funding program, your donor, your national strategy or institutional policy in terms of Open Access. We create simple checklists that you can follow, for one or more policies. We give you text that you can re-use in your proposal or bid to ensure that you demonstrate this compliance. And we propose activities that you can include in your projects that can maximize the degree of compliance.

We know very well the Open Access and Open Research policies of the European Commission and the CGIAR. We are working with the Open Access policies of donors like the the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We have studied specific national cases like USDA, USAID, and DFID. And we can easily take a new policy on board and make it a simple and practical checklist for you to use. 


We can help you disseminate your research and capacity building information to the right channels. Depending on the policy that you need to follow or the network in which you participate, our experts can work with you in order to make the process of sharing and disseminating your information as simple as possible. We make sure that you publish your information once, and then it may reach different channels at the same time. We hide all the technology complexity so that you can focus on your work.

We are already disseminating research information through FAO’s AGRIS, European Commission’s OpenAIRE, USDA’s AGRICOLA, and CIARD’s RING. We know online channels like AgriProfiles and AgriFeeds. And we can easily work with any new channel that you will point us to.


We can provide you with the right information at the right format for your particular application or service from a large variety of data sources and providers around the world. We take care of processing, combining, filtering and formatting the information for you. We can give you access to this information through programmable interfaces (such as an API) or set up a customized web site for you. We are continuously updating the information that you get, through customizable, periodic cycles. And we ensure that you always get the right information, in the right format, on the right moment without worrying about how this is done.

We already support with aggregated and filtered information large online services like FAO’s AGRIS and the Land Portal’s Library. We provide updates on new knowledge that is being produced around the world to scientific catalogues and publishers like ProQuest. 


We map global agricultural research and capacity development. We show who does what with whom. We help networks and collaborations present their members and their work. We help people search through information coming from multiple institutions and groups. And to discover people and resources on particular topics of interest in a seamless and easy way, across organisations and databases.

We are supporting major international efforts like the Global Water Pathogen Project of UNESCO and the Global Food Safety Partnership of the World Bank.

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