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Dear Data Provider,

We are glad to announce that the AGRIS data processing is transitioning to a new era.
Following a 3-year collaboration project that led to the significant evolution of the workflow and platform supporting AGRIS data providers, Agroknow team is handing back to FAO the operational support of data processing.
Agroknow will fully support the migration process to the FAO AGRIS team.
From June 1st, 2017, all AGRIS-related communication and requests will be handled by the FAO team. AGRIS data providers are therefore kindly requested to channel all questions and updates to agris@fao.org as, following the 31st of May 2017, the AGRIS-dedicated service within AKSTEM will not be supported. User accounts will remain active until all pending issues are handed over to the FAO team. We look forward to future opportunities and projects to help organisations and research institutes discover, connect and share information with the world.

It was our honour and pleasure to serve you!

Kind regards,
The Agroknow team

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