European Greek Vitis initiative

The Greek Vitis initiative is a network aiming at supporting the viticulture research community in Greece by recording the key actors (researchers, scientists, organisations etc.) that are leading the viticulture research activities and connect to the global viticulture research community.

Currently, the visualised map depicts all the Greek research institutions and teams, their main research activities and their research projects that produce, manage and use viticulture research data. The network is mainly supported and promoted by the Agricultural University of Athens, Laboratory of Viticulture.

This will help in creating a visualised map of all this information and at a second phase, a demonstrator (specific microsite) that, based on the needs and preferences of researchers, will intuitively present open research data. A first landing page for this initiative has been set up and can be found here:

The AKstem map service provides access to the visualized map of the Greek viticulture network with all the research institutions and research teams in viticulture and enology topics.