Global Water Pathogens network map

The Global Water Pathogens Project (GWPP) aims to improve sustainable access to basic sanitation and safe drinking water and to update the knowledge on water pathogens using advanced information technologies. Specifically, the Global Water Pathogens Network map provides information about the geographical distribution of all the members of the researchers’ groups on different water topics (e.g. virus group, protists groups, indicator and microbial source tracking group).

The Global Water Pathogens discovery page is the online open-access knowledge platform that provides an updated review of the efficacy of sanitation technologies and serves as a compendium of waterborne pathogen information and quantitative data to support risk assessment to protect water safety. The content is uploaded by the authors from all the GWPP groups of researchers and connected with aggregated related resources from various external sources. 

Our Services

The Global Water Pathogens discovery page provides access to content on specific thematic areas of water pathogens (e.g. indicators and microbial source racking markers) that is prepared by various authors and or aggregated from external related sources (e.g. related scientific publications).

The Global Water Pathogens Network map ( uses the map service features, presenting a visual map with all the organisations and researchers’ profiles of the Water pathogens groups, as well additional information related to their research activities, like in which water pathogens group(s) are involved.