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The Land Library is one of the core modules of the Land Portal, which is the leading online destination for information, resources, innovations and networking on land issues. It has become the authoritative virtual repository of land-related information, including peer-reviewed publications, policies, maps, and multimedia content.

Through this dedicated discovery page, visitors can get access to an abundant number of resources that are categorise by the content type (discussions papers, reports, issue brief and books) and the top thematic area (tenure Urban and Urban planning, rangelands, Climate Change and environment, Land Administration, Land and Food security, Land use, agriculture and investment, Gender and Land, Indigenous people and Land, Collective tenure rights). Additional filters for the content are the language, country and date.

Land Library page provides access to information from various and well-known content providers in the topics of land governance, like USAID (, AGRIS (, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (, International Land Coalition (ILC) (, World Resources Institute (WRI) (, World Bank Group (, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (, Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) (

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The Land Library discovery page provides access to related information from each content provider, by selecting the “Filter by provider

The Land Library information is aggregated from a list of selected content providers through periodical ingestion routines (from APIs calls and damp files).

The Land Library discovery page provides information on land governance from various content providers, like FAO, UNDP, USAID and WRI. The visitors can browse the information of their interest by content type or thematic area or they can use the search service with specific filters (like country and date).